The Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of SEPS announces the recruitment for the program "Basics of Art Therapy"

Published Dec 2, 2019

The Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of SEPS announces the recruitment for the program "Basics of Art Therapy".
The training schedule is from 10 to 22 December 2019. Classes are held in the evening at the Siberian Federal University.The purpose is to become an art therapist and to learn use of art methods (drawing, collage, singing, music, etc.) in non-therapeutic psychological practices, such as personal growth groups, social and psychological training, as well as educational practices.
Program module:
• Art therapy: history, principles, forms, mechanisms. Drawing as a basic technique.
• Work with the person’s internal state. Expression, living and awareness of emotions (anger, fear, disgust, etc.). Group forms of art therapy.
• Work with the image of yourself and the inner world. Self-portrait as a basic Art technique.
• Technique of collage. A mask creating.
• Work with a fairy tale in art therapy. Modeling. Art with natural materials.
• Diagnosis in art therapy.
• Work in art forms: collage, composition of natural materials, sculpted image.
• The phenomena of drawing and the process of its creation: color, shape, lines, strokes, density, etc.
• Work with children and adolescents in Art therapy.
• Use of methods of art therapy in developing and educational practices.
The program trainer is Tatiana V. Skutina, certified art-Gestalt therapist, associate Professor, candidate of psychological sciences, associate Professor of the Department of Developmental Psychology and Counseling of Siberian Federal University; head of the retraining program "Practical Psychology" at SibFU, a member of the Art-therapeutic Association of Russia, regional coach of MIGIP in Krasnoyarsk.
The cost of the program: 7000 rubles.
To register for the course you need to follow the link and fill in the fields at:
At the end of training you get a certificate of professional development for 36 hours.
Address: Svobodny Ave., 79, room 12-03, tel. 246-99-32, 206-21-24, ,Yana Dayneko.

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