Open lectures for students of IEPS SibFU by a researcher from the Bologna University

Published Oct 5, 2016

As part of SibFU monitoring the intercultural educational platform in the period from 26 September to 3 October the researcher from the Bologna University (Italy), the administrator of the TEMPUS ALLMEET project, PhD Federico Zannoni held public lectures for bachelor’s and master’s program students of IEPS SibFU.

One of the important tasks of the lectures was the demonstration of multicultural films devoted to the development of tolerance. After watching the films the students considered and discussed issues of multicultural educational environment. Among the films there were «La mia classe» (My class, by Daniele Gaglianone, Italy, 2013), «Bend It Like Beckham» (by Gurinder Chadha, UK, 2002) and other.