The SibFU ALLMEET TEMPUS project team member wins the Prokhorov Foundation travel grant

Published May 10, 2016

The SibFU ALLMEET TEMPUS project team member, post graduate student of IEPS SibFU Catherine Bezyzvestnykh won the individual Prokhorov Foundation travel grant.
Catherine took part in the open competition, she will take part in the II International Forum on Teacher Education and report at the III International scientific and practical conference "Multicultural education space and teacher training: the integration of the Russian and international experience", which will take place on the basis of Kazan (Volga) Federal University in the period 19-21 May, 2016. Catherine’s scientific advisor is Olga G. Smolyaninova, head of SibFU ALLMEET Tempus team, Dr. of Education, Prof., Academician of Russian Academy of Education.

The main topics of the Forum ( are as follows:

  • problems of developing a lifelong learning pedagogical education;
  • problems of the modern multicultural education in Russia and abroad;
  • the problem of training of the future teacher taking into consideration academic mobility of students;
  • pedagogical potential of children's literature and multiliterature training of future teachers;
  • the role of networking in teacher education;
  • implementing educational potential of the educational process and extra-curricular activities in training a teacher of a new type;
  • international experience as a source of innovation in the improvement of the national system of teacher education.

The forum will be attended by leading Russian and foreign experts in the area of teacher education from universities of the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Austria et al., editors and members of editorial boards of 12 scientific journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.

According to Catherine Bezyzvestnykh the victory in the prestigious non-profit competition aimed at realization of academic mobility is important for solving a number of research and development tasks:

  • presenting and validation of intermediate results of the international ALLMEET TEMPUS project, presentation of the Intercultural Lifelong Learning Center of IEPS SibFU;
  • motivation for further development of professional capacities in the framework of research activities.

"For me it is very important to get a positive social and professional expertise from the side of representatives of the fund, the support of my research activities and academic mobility in the framework of the international project, as well as their confidence of the grant funds."

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