Master class for teachers-researchers on assessing outcomes in LLL

Published Apr 8, 2016

7 April 2016 within the conference "Teacher-researcher: reality of pedagogical practical work" at M.Gorky’s Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College №1 a master-class on the evaluation of educational outcomes (personal and professional experience) in LLL and career development was held. The master class was held by the team member of SibFU team member of TEMPUS «ALLMEET» project Ekaterina Bezisvestnikh, graduate student, assistant, IT in Education and LLL Chair, IEPS SibFU.
The event included presenting to the professional community the Intercultural Educational Platform (IEP) worked out by IEPS SibFU and the resources it offers for LLL: e-Portfolio, course programs, videos devoted to tolerance, diagnostic materials including automated methods for assessing the level of tolerance, different informational, scientific and educational materials, resources, Internet sites devoted to the project, presentation worked out by the course participants. The participants completed individual sheets (STARRT-method) and got acquainted with VPL technology for implementing federal standards in education and educational programs.
One of the significant outcomes of the master class for the further implementation of the project was the positive social and professional expertise given to the educational platform worked out by IEPS SibFU. The next event presenting the Intercultural Educational Platform for teachers is scheduled for April 14, 2016 at SibFU. The master class will be delivered by Olga Smolyaninova, SibFU project leader.

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