Presenting a Intercultural Educational Platform of SibFU at the ТEMPUS «ALLMEET» workshop at Kazan Federal University

Published Apr 7, 2016

SibFU team takes part in the training within the TEMPUS ALLMEET project at Kazan Federal University at Naberezhniye Chelny in the period from 5 till 8 April 2016.
A large corporate network TEMPUS program "Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia" is being implemented as part of a consortium led by the University of Bologna (Head of the project Morena Cuconato).
6 April SibFU project team leader Olga Smolyaninova and Y. Popov presented to the international expert community the Intercultural Educational Platform worked out at IEPS SibFU including courses and events offered by the PL2S.
The training includes visiting intercultural education centers of the republic of Tatarstan ensuring a high level of intercultural and interreligious concord. The visits allow to see and assess the positive experience of integration policy in the Republic of Tatarstan which can be used in the Krasnoyarsk region.