E-Portfolio at SibFU

Published Nov 30, 2009

30 November 2009 we have finished our Project which started 16 June 2009.

Project Title: “E-portfolio as a Means to Improve the Teacher Assessment Scheme at the Institute of Education, Psychology and Sociology of Siberian Federal University”.

It was carried out with the support from IREX and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Head of the Project Olga G. Smolyaninova, Director of IEPS, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS.

We are satisfied with the results of our Project. The analysis of our experience shows that e-Portfolio as a means to improve the teacher assessment scheme is efficient.

Our Project was intended at creating effective model of teachers’ professional development and assessment on the basis of e-portfolio and the scheme of using e-portfolio for making scientific and pedagogical presentations (target audience: international professional community).

Our work included presenting our Project at SFU, studying Russian and foreign experience of using e-Portfolio for teacher assessment and for professional development. We carried out 2 workshops which helped us in working out the new assessment scheme for teachers which include e-Portfolio. It was a difficult and time-taking task and we are glad to report that we managed to achieve the goals. Among the participants of these workshops were provosts and administrators from Krasnoyarsk universities, heads of chairs, directors of institutes, deans, teachers and Master program students.

In accord with the Timeline team members presented our Project and experience (reports at conferences, publications, materials placed on our web-site).

We have finished the project, but we haven’t finished our work in this area. We plan to disseminate our experience among other institutes of our university and other universities of our region. Teachers and Master’s program students of IEPS began their work at e-portfolio, the portfolios are being updated regularly; they also continue participation at conferences devoted to e-learning.

Our work with Masters, teachers and administrators showed that they approve e-Portfolio method and find it useful and objective assessment tool. It also became evident that there may be difficulties on the way of e-Portfolio implementation. Among them there are such risks and problems:

  • Not all the teachers are yet experienced enough in IT and web-technologies
  • Plagiarism and copyright issue
  • E-portfolio method is fruitful, but rather time-taking

We offer creating the Staff Support Office at SFU which will help teachers developing and implementing electronic technologies in education. It will also assist teachers in their work at their personal professional e-portfolios.

The Project Group