International Conference ECEL 2009

Published Nov 6, 2009

IPPS SFU took part in the 8th European Conference on eLearning. The conference took place in Bari, Italy 29-30 October 2009. Director IPPS Professor Olga G. Smolyaninova and Tatyana N. Ryzhkova, Senior Teacher presented the report on “E-Portfolio for Masters of Education. Progress Assessment, Reflexive Work and Career Development”. This work was carried out with the support from IREX University Administration Support Program and Carnegie Corporation, New York.

The report described SFU experience in using e-Portfolio technology and underlined the assistance which SFU received from IREX while working at this Project. The report raised great interest at the conference among the representatives from New Zeeland, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark and other countries. E-portfolio technology is being discusses a lot in the scientific society and is considered very prospective. It should be mentioned that implementing e-portfolio method requires a high level of teaching and a high level of students’ assessment.